OSS updates of January 2023

In this post I'll give updates about open source I worked on during January 2023.


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Native, fast starting Clojure interpreter for scripting.

New releases in the past month: 1.0.170 - 1.1.173 Highlights:

Babashka compatibility in external libs

I contributed changes to the following libraries to make them compatible with babashka:

Check the changelog for all the changes!


The new babashka http-client project mostly replaces babashka.curl.

This month the default client was improved to accept gzip and deflate as encodings by default, reflecting what babashka.curl did.

Also babashka.http-client is now available as a built-in namespace in babashka v1.1.171 and higher.


Static analyzer and linter for Clojure code that sparks joy

Three new releases with many fixes and improvements in the last month. Check the changelog for details.

Some highlights:

The symbol analysis is used from clojure-lsp for which I provided a patch here.

A new project around clj-kondo is clj-kondo-bb which enables you to use clj-kondo from babashka scripts.

Also lein-clj-kondo got an update.


This is a new project and gives you access to a subset of instaparse via a pod.

Instaparse was request a few times to have as a library in babashka and instaparse-bb is a good first step, without making a decision on that yet. See the relevant discussion here.


Remove unused Clojure vars

In the 0.3.5 version, Carve got the following updates:


CLI to transform between JSON, EDN, YAML and Transit using Clojure

Version 0.4.23:


File system utility library for Clojure.

Fs has gotten a few new functions:

See changelog for more details.


A CLI to add common aliases and features to deps.edn-based projects.

This month there were several small fixes, one of them being to always pick stable versions when adding or upgrading libraries. See full changelog for details.


Light-weight static blog engine for Clojure and babashka.

The blog you're currently reading is made with quickblog.

Version 0.2.3 was released with contributions from several people, mostly enabling you to tweak your own blog even more, while having good defaults.

Instances of quickblog can be seen here:

If you are also using quickblog, please let me know!

A collection of ready to be used SCI configs for e.g. Reagent, Promesa, Re-frame and other projects that are used in nbb, joyride, scittle, etc. See recent commits for what's been improved.


Edamame got a new function: parse-next+string which returns the original string along with the parsed s-expression.


Lein to deps.edn converter

This tool can convert a project.edn file to a deps.edn file. It even supports Java compilation and evaluation of code within project.clj. There is now a lein plugin which enables you to sync your project.clj with your deps.edn every time you start lein. Several other minor enhancements were made. See changelog.


I added the ability to build and deploy 4ever-clojure to Github Actions. Every time a commit is merged, the site is automatically updated.

Brief mentions

The following projects also got updates, mostly in the form of maintenance and performance improvements. This post would get too long if I had to go into detail about them, so I'll briefly mention them in random order:

Published: 2023-02-05

Tagged: clojure oss updates