OSS Highlights of November - December 2021

Like the previous OSS highlights, I'll give an overview of OSS work I did in November and December of 2021. I'd like to emphasize that I can do this work because of sponsoring via:

for which I'm very grateful. I love helping peoeple by providing OSS software and this is now my main activity.

Enterprise support

I'd like to add that I'm also offering enterprise support for my OSS projects. It might be good to know there are options beyond sponsoring if your company needs an extra level of support for my OSS libraries. Recurring sponsors are eligible for a discount. Feel free to reach out via Twitter DM, e-mail or on Clojurians Slack to discuss options.

Do you need help with #clojure #graalvm compilation, #clojure static analysis/linting tools, or anything related to my #oss projects? I'm available for USD 150/hr. I also do custom license/support contracts if @github sponsors doesn't fit your business.#cljkondo #babashka #sci

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Native, fast starting Clojure interpreter for scripting.

Releases: 0.7.3 , 0.7.2 , 0.7.0 , 0.6.8 , 0.6.7 , 0.6.6 , 0.6.5



A linter for Clojure (code) that sparks joy.

Releases: 2021.12.19 , 2021.12.16 , 2021.12.01


Note that most new linters in clj-kondo are going to default to :level :off unless they detect a compile time error, like :duplicate-case-test-constant.

Special thanks to new contributor @mknoszlig who has been quite active in adding new linters in collaboration with me.


Configurable Clojure interpreter suitable for scripting and Clojure DSLs.

Releases: 0.2.8



Ad-hoc CLJS scripting on Node.js using SCI.

Releases: v0.0.108 - v0.1.0. See npm.




Configurable EDN/Clojure parser with location metadata

Releases: 0.0.13 , 0.0.14 , 0.0.15 , 0.0.16 , 0.0.17 , 0.0.18 , 0.0.19

Many small improvements. Edamame now supports reading with a reader which is not an indexing reader too, for compatibility with clojure.core/read.


File system utility library.

Releases: 0.1.2 , 0.1.1

Highlights: improve fs/which on Windows, add with-temp-dir macro.


Clojure wrapper for java.lang.ProcessBuilder.

Releases: 0.1.0



In this core library I contributed two ClojureScript fixes:

Published: 2021-12-31

Tagged: clojure oss updates