OSS updates November 2023

In this post I'll give updates about open source I worked on during November 2023.

To see previous OSS updates, go here.


I'd like to thank all the sponsors and contributors that make this work possible! Without you, the below projects would not be as mature or wouldn't exist or be maintained at all.

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Sponsor info Top sponsors:

If you want to ensure that the projects I work on are sustainably maintained, you can sponsor this work in the following ways. Thank you!

If you're used to sponsoring through some other means which isn't listed above, please get in touch.

On to the projects that I've been working on!

Advent of Code

It is Advent of Code time of year again. You can solve puzzles in an online squint or cherry playground here.

Change the /squint/ part of the url to /cherry/ to switch ClojureScript dialect versions.

You can read more about the playground here.


Here are updates about the projects/libraries I've worked on last month.

Other projects

These are (some of the) other projects I'm involved with but little to no activity happened in the past month.

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Published: 2023-12-01

Tagged: clojure oss updates