Deploying a Clojure project with neil and

In a previous blog post, I described how you can kick off a Clojure project with neil.

Today I want to show you how easy it is how to deploy a Clojure project to Clojars with neil.

Assuming you already have a deps.edn, but you don't yet have a build.clj, you can run:

$ neil add build

This creates a build.clj file with functions you typically need for building and deploying a Clojure project.

The build.clj looks for the project name and version in your deps.edn under [:aliases :neil :project].

You can set the project name and version like this:

{:deps {}
 :paths ["resources"]
 {:neil {:project {:name io.github.clj-kondo/config-rum-rum
                   :version "1.0.0"}}
  :build ;; added by neil
  {:deps {io.github.clojure/ {:git/tag "v0.8.3" :git/sha "0d20256"}
          slipset/deps-deploy {:mvn/version "0.2.0"}}
   :ns-default build}}}

Now all you have to do to deploy your project is run clojure -T:build deploy. This runs the deploy function in build.clj which uses deps-deploy.

Whenever you want to bump your patch version, you can run:

$ neil version patch

or set the version manually using:

$ neil version set 1.0.1

and then deploy again.

The neil version command is similar to NPM's version command.

For a full project that uses this setup, check out this one that I just created today in a couple of keystrokes.

Happy deploying!

Published: 2022-10-22

Tagged: clojure neil